Media Advertising

Media advertising is a reliable way of attracting genuine job seekers to your organisation, it is especially effective if a company has multiple vacancies to fill. Media advertising also gives companies a fantastic marketing opportunity and lifts company brand awareness in the public eye.


  • Vacancy briefing
  • Key Competencies determined
  • Market sector information collated
  • Advertisement created and approved
  • Advertisement placed in relevant media
  • Research team collates advertisement response
  • Candidate list compiled
  • All relevant candidates interviewed
  • Shortlist presented to client
  • 1st interviews
  • Feedback
  • 2nd interviews
  • Feedback
  • Offer analysis
  • Offer made
  • Counter Offer advice
  • Completion and start date
  • Post 6 month assessment

Advantages of Media Advertising

The main benefit of media advertising is that the candidate applies to your organisation because they are actively seeking a new job role rather than them being approached. Other advantages are the large talent pool of candidates you will attract to your vacancy as well as the obvious marketing impact an advert can provide.